Rubia Forums 1.0.0 released

The first release of Rubia Forums is published in github. You can find it here:

It is tested on the following platforms:

  • JBoss AS 7.1.1.Final
  • JBoss AS 7.1.2.Final
  • JBoss AS 7.1.3.Final
  • Gatein 3.6.0.Final
  • Gatein 3.7.0.Final
  • Gatein 3.7.1.Final
  • Gatein 3.8.1.Final
  • Gatein 3.8.2.Final
  • EAP 6.1.0.Final
  • EAP 6.1.1.Final
  • EAP 6.2.0.Final
  • EAP 6.3.0.Final
  • JBoss Portal 6.1.0.Final
  • JBoss Portal 6.1.1.Final

Soon I will start the 2.0.x branch for the wildfly platform and others