Installation and test of an Openshift cluster on a MAC

– Installing Docker using the mac command:

brew install docker

– Configure Docker below preferences to set the insecure registries to:

– Installation of OC command line bees using the mac command:

brew install openshift-cli

– Launch the command:

oc cluster up

which installs and launches an Openshift instance locally

– Verify the correct installation of Openshift by connecting to:

Default users:

system / admin

developer / developer

– Log in to openshift using the command:

oc login

specifying the developer user

– Clone by git a trial application of four services with the command:

git clone

– Access the project root and build the application and the four docker images using the command:

mvn clean install docker: build

– Import json build configuration of the project to openshift using the command:

oc create -f wildfly-swarm-microservices-example.json

– Import the application using the command:

oc new-app wildfly-swarm-microservices-example

– Check the installed applications by connecting to the four links: